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Long story short: The catalyst for Gamergate was when a woman named Zoey Quinn who is a game developer, cheated on her boyfriend with an employee of Kotaku. Her Ex feeling betrayed sold her out to the world. She was received some of the biggest internet backlash that the media got involved. The accusation was that she was having sex with reviewers for good review scores on her game. This was debunked by Kotaku who stated that they were never reviewing her game to begin with. The roof blew off of the situation because a feminist named Anita Sarkeesian spoke out about it and the gamers went on a rampage after her.

The legs of Gamergate were knocked out from under the cause the second the whole thing blew up over sexism in gaming. Gaming is very sexist. I'm not saying everyone is , but this is the reason why no one outside of gaming gives a damn about Gamergate. If they want a movement against bad journalism they need to reestablish the process and step as far away from Gamergate as possible.