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I'm just going to add my two cents, but I haven't read the entire thread so someone may have already posted this thought.

At some point in time all three parties involved in the market cycle (Publishers, Console manufactures and consumers.) have had their hand in making the third party situation what it is. Nintendo holds some responsibility for not loosing up its control on their part of the market sooner. Though I can also fault the other two market players for allowing too much control which led to the AAA market being what it is today.

The third party publisher/developers hold responsibility for not even putting in a "freshmen effort" in a lot of their ports and their games in general, which led to the consumers not wanting to wade through the cesspit of badly made products to find the one gem located at the far end bottom. Also their moves to restrict the market flow by DRM has not help the process in where you could rent before you buy. Misleading E3 showings paying for good reviews, just made looking for a good product a mess.

The consumer hold responsibility for not buying the good products, purchasing the badly made products on other systems, or holding to their responsibility as consumers. For example don't buy products from Ubisoft, EA for a bit after them releasing a turd, even if it is a must have game; whining doesn't get paid attention to as much as people think, it is money that they listen to and if the customers stop buying games then they will have to take notice and ask themselves where they are going wrong. You have to not buy the next few games or buy used because of the way the industry is set up.

The consumer thing is the same across industries the customers today are not interested in not being a savvy customer and want someone else to do their job. The customer's job is to make sure they are ordering the correct thing, mostly applies to other industries, they need to do micro boycotts of items and services that they are fed up with not being the quality they expect and not just say they not buying this again and buy the next product that is even worse. They need to check their received order to make sure it is what they order, because people do make mistakes. Also they need to realize mistakes will be made and it isn't an affront to their person that it wasn't there.

And this is basically what is wrong with the industry in a nut shell and it has just created a horrific downward cycle. Nintendo's lack of wide third party support is just  a symotom.