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This is a very weird question. I think the more relevant question is whether Nintendo has enough staff and time to release all the games from all their franchises. That's actually a common complaint amongst Nintendo fans: that Nintendo has so many beloved franchises that we can never hope to get one from each for each generation. Maybe you meant to say that you do think there are enough heavy hitters in the bunch...and to that I'd say, just look at the previous posts here. Mario Galaxy 3 or Super Mario 3D World 2 would be no brainers. Why you think metroid has to be on the next console is also an oddity...and don't forget, they could make 3 different metroids depending on resources, as mentioned before. You've got 2d, 3d, and 2.5 d.

I really think your question has to do with sales...but I'm afraid even with the heavy hitters for Nintendo, this generation that is a moot point, sadly.