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foodfather said:
Resistance 2 was by far the highlight of the series. R3 was a very big let down, not even half the game R2 was.

Insomniac need not waste their time on this series. Its dead.

I'd say Resistance 2 had the best mutliplayer in the series while Resistance 3 had the best campaign.

Insomniac just never managed to strike the right balance with Resistance. No game in the series was ever fully polished and there were always numerous niggling flaws that detracted from the experience. It just seems like the team were never sure what direction they wanted to take the franchise. Each game is a testiment to a lack of overall clarity and vision, an abscence of controlled managment capable of looking at the bigger picture and drawing loose ends tightly together. It's as though they aimed their sights too high, development spiralled, and the result was a disjointed package that excelled in some areas, while falling completely flat in others.

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