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Not even a PS4 version? That's a bit odd

Let's wait and see what the big news is before we jump to conclusions. Three more days to go.

I'm not jumping to any conclusions. I am stating, matter of factly, that it's odd for a game that was originally multiplat to get an HD remake for PC only. Especially when the new consoles are so similar to PC architecture that it would be ridiculously simple to port over, and considering that QD is so close with one of said console manufacturers.

Are there any AO rated games on PSN or xblive?

I played Fahrenheit on PC when it launched. It doesn't deserve/warrant the rating, especially given how games have been rated of late. If they give this an AO rating again then they can just as easily slap it on Witcher 2/3.

And even if you wanna be on the super safe side all you do is slightly alter/remove one scene in the game. Which they already did once. Hardly much of a road block either way