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Namiirei said:
S.T.A.G.E. said:

MS is going to need to commission some third party jrpgs like they did last genight to get the jrugs to sell have what they sell on the ps4 this gen.

They can't. They could only get some jrpg for the 360 because the console was here before the ps3, and especially because the ps3 was a flop in the beginning, with a lot of problems.

And these games didn't even sell correctly on 360, Namco nearly died because of tales of vesperia low sales, the CEO already said it "Never again, i will do the same mistake".

And i don't even talk about sales in japan for the 360 against Xone...

Microsoft will commission third party jrpgs again. My money is on mistwalker who did lost odyssey once more since they refuse to make a game for sony.