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Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:

1) I would hope that its more than 1080p 60fps loll cause by then, 4k would become very popular imo
2) If only that could happen but it never will

As for me

1) Less Micro-transactions
2) Online feature working during the launch of the game and not a month + later
3) No one year old remasters (personal gripe obviously)
4) Less emphasis on Cloud
5) Less giant ass patches
6) Backwards compatiblity

Considering the simpler X86 "supercharged architecture at current, i guarentee they will stay with it so backwards compatibility is pretty much certain

-Goodbye age of HD remasters

Since the hardwardware won't be too different from this gen to the next (most likely just more power but not new architecture) devs will already have a good understanding of the hardware but will additionally have more power to play that they may have needed before. Addtionally they will be able to get started on games earlier before the consoles launch so expect stronger launch titles and no broken AAA games rushed to the first year christmas after launch

-Goodbye seige of broken ass games with more patches than cinderella's dress before she met Fairy god mother (however in Uncle Ben's words wiith great power... so games will mostlikely get more complex so i can't guarentee some games won't be broken as there's much more room for bugs)

With NVidia cooking up their 3d stacked ram with theorised 1TB/s (and gpu compute power set to sky rocket too) through put lated for 2016 and the next gen coming no sooner than 2018 we can reckon the consoles will incorperate it in some way so these things will be considerably more powerful than what we have now even at the highest end PC of today which can manage 1440p 60 fps so I reckon that will be the minimum an no more than 4k 60fps (if sony has caught the memo that making the PS4 more powerful at the sacrifice of intial pofit was woth it) But i don't doubt that 1080p 60fps+ for vr (two different render positions so i'm not overshooting fidelity) will be a reality and considering there are 2K displays on smartphones they can always upscale to that resolution like they do on current gen games today. 

Finally I'm sorry to say but micro tansactions are one of the main reasons the industry is growing so expect to see even more of them.
The cloud will be a thing but don't expect it to be so intrusive mostly just PS now for all devices not meant to appeal to the hard core but mass market, local compute will be around for the next gen, even phil spencer said so.