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Captain_Tom said:
Mr Puggsly said:

Xbox got MS's foot in a new market but its uncertain if its been financially worthwhile. Hence, there is little incentive for Samsung, Apple, or Amazon to jump in the console war.

Samsung, Amazon, and Apple have the resources to compete but I don't think they're interested in that market. Very competitive and arguably not financially worth while. The PS4 is doing pretty damn good but still not making Sony profitable.

1) There is no if about it.  Xbox has been a financial disaster for MS.  All of the data is out there.

2) Whether the others have yet is not the point.  One of them (Or someone else) very well could make an awesome console family if MS left room for a new competitor.  This is all hypethetical of course, but here is what we do know:

-MS hasn't been successful

-Others could be

Let's find out!

If you look just at Xbox, it hasn't been financially worth while. However, it might have been a good vehicle to push other products and get more people interested in MS products. You can't measure that and I think that's the biggest motivator to keep the Xbox brand going.

Companies like Samsung, Amazon, or Apple wouldn't invest the resources MS did. Also, it would take a long time to develop a noteworthy 1st party line up unless they bought several big name studios. Hence, the odds of those companies wanting to seriously compete with Sony and Nintendo like MS has are low.

Hey, maybe other companies will have the opportunity to buy Xbox or Playstation if either MS and Sony gives up in that market. MS doesn't need to sell anything at the moment, they've made huge purchases in the past few years (Skype, Minecraft, etc). But we know Sony is hurting for money.

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