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Captain_Tom said:

You mean like MS hasn't?  You mean like Sony successfully has?

-Apple has already practically created a console with the combination of the Apple TV (Which is hugely successful might I add) and an iPad.

-Amazon has created dozens of successful products and I'll just leave it at that.

-Same thing with Samsung.  They are the only Android competitor to be able to really compete with Apple (Just like Sony did to Nintendo).  Who is to say they couldn't bring the heat?


Xbox got MS's foot in a new market but its uncertain if its been financially worthwhile. Hence, there is little incentive for Samsung, Apple, or Amazon to jump in the console war.

People primarily buy the Apple TV for streaming video. Its not a noteworthy device beyond that.

Amazon has created successful products, but not a successful game console. Their devices being limited to the Amazon store is disappointing as well.

Samsung, Amazon, and Apple have the resources to compete but I don't think they're interested in that market. Very competitive and arguably not financially worth while. The PS4 is doing pretty damn good but still not making Sony profitable.

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