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chocoloco said:
chocoloco said:

What/who is your team?



Power rankings are funny. The NFL power rankings dropped the hawks frow #1 to #6. And the chargers from low to #3. Totally spastic changes.

Either way Broncos top both the NFL and ESPNs power rankings for now. Woooooo!

lets just say when it comes to the SAINTS HAWKS PATS. i never go against them unless they face eachother.

last season i picked Saints over Pats(lost) Hawks over Saints(all 3 games.)

Most Pats fans are not too fond of the Broncos lately. I understand. 

Personally, I thought the Saints would a least be 1-1 so far. Still time to turn things around.

i had the Saints 15-1 this season with exception to the Falcons panthers and niner. i still have the NFCC game going through Seattle or NO.

i still feel the Saints have the easiest schedule this season.  at this point i expect all 3 teams going 14-4/12-6. Yea broncs, ravens giants. Pats fans can be a bit bitter. any team name without 1 letter in caps shows litle to know respect.