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Dolla Dolla..Patcher seems to round of his estimates to the 25,000 or 50,000 benchmark.

He predicting 100,000 for PS3 last month as well, and was too high.  I did an average for Patcher's average accuracy recently..he is generally +/- 25,000 actual NPD results.

Data will be released June 14, 2007 (Thursday) at 4:30 pm..but it probably won't be public until 6:30 to 7:00 pm (this is all East Coast USA time..England time it is more like midnight, and Los Angeles time it is more like 4 pm).

For the record, I expect (add the two for vgc comparisons)

DS - 480k USA (30-40k Canada)

Wii - 380k USA (40-45k Canada)

360 - 215k USA (15k Canada)

PS2 - 200k USA (20k Canada)

PSP - 160k USA (15k Canada)

PS3 - 68k USA (7k Canada)


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