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fireblazerx17 said:
This thread is pretty dumb just by virtue of people not understanding the basic concept of the QOL platform and throwing out random implausible ideas

I guess it's no surprise from the same people who do stuff like create Super Mario PS4 bundles and make "PS4U" logos, lol

Nintendo can do much more than just video game stuff, just like how Sony and Microsoft do much more than just Playstation and Xbox stuff. While Sony keeps losing money and laying off workers, Nintendo is hiring, expanding their business, and is totally free of debt, lol

Okay, then what is the basic concept, and why is it so different that it can't be done with the Wii U?  Nintendo has traditionally been a games & entertainment company (& love hotels), so it would be expected that their new device will be a games & entertainment device also, even if it also has "health" benifits, so it's completely fine to speculate about just what the hell it is.

I don't understand the bit about Sony loosing money & Nintendo being dept free, not that I don't think it's true, just it confuses me that you felt the need to say that.

& STFU about my avatar, it's better then yours. :D


Ka-pi96 said:
I don't even know what to expect. But I very much doubt it will be anything to do with games, it is supposed to be a '3rd pillar' for Nintendo not a replacement for one of the others.

That's how the DS started out, now where's the Gameboy brand today?