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mibuokami said:

A little story from a very touched customer...

Living in Australia but wanting and willing to pay the premium to get the Collector's edition of Titanfall, I ordered it online from the Titanfall store as it was the only place with the PC version availible and would ship to Australia.

I preordered knowing full well that I'd never get my copy on time. Australia is in the middle of no where and packages frequently get lost due to heavy spider rain and drop bear hurricanes. 

The morning of Titanfall's launch I receive the following email:

Topic: Titanfall CE Update‏


It has come to our attention that your Collector's Edition will arrive later than expected. However, we do NOT want this to prevent you from joining us on The Frontier, wall-running as a pilot and dropping titans, so we are sending you this digital download code so you can start playing Titanfall today. Rest assured that you will receive your Collector's Edition and the boxed copy of your game in a few days.




Thanks Respawn, you guys are ok!

omfg remove that img post from your thread immediately.

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