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Darth Tigris said:
BMaker11 said:
Darth Tigris said:

You made observations.  Then you added commentary:

"Moral of the story: yay, I got a PS4. They don't keep them out because the demand is so high, people would steal them (at least, that's what the associate implied), while conversely, they are basically begging people to buy their XBones.

I don't care if you're one of those "anecdotal evidence means nothing" type of person. It's pretty ridiculous when I call in and there's 3 PS4s left and an hour later 2 of them are already bought and I got the last one, while there's a huge stack of XBones out in the open even though they won't even display PS4s."

Begging people to buy the Xbox One.  That was a ridiculous, inaccurate and biased thing to say.  There is nothing ridiculous about only having a few PS4's and not putting them out while having a healthy supply of XBO's and having them out on display.  In fact, it's ... exactly how any store would handle a situation like this.  You are implying there is something wrong with the rate that the XBO is selling at and the amount of supply that is available when your observation (and biased commentary) gives NOTHING to support that.

uhhh....I said "begging" because of the sign on the door. Businesses put those signs on their doors when they have too much stock and want customers to alleviate some of that stock. Despite what someone else said in this thread, they don't put it on the door for sellout items that get bought pretty much as soon as they sell, otherwise they'd be putting the sign up and taking it down everyday (which is misleading since you don't say "we have X" when you only have enough to last like an hour, for example). Clearly this Best Buy was wanting people to clear the pile that's just building up (unless you think they got a shipment of 64 units all at once). "Begging" may be a word that you guys don't like, but it's technically what's going on.

Plus, what kind of gripe is "you added commentary"? Was I just supposed to post the pics, then say nothing? I gave context, which is something you should want for a post of this nature. I wouldn't have said they're "begging" if that sign wasn't there, I would have just said "there's a lot of stock at my Best Buy". You make it seem like something like that is normal. Why don't WalMarts go ahead and post "we have Froot Loops" outside, even though people haven't been questioning about it and there's an overabundance of Froot Loops in the cereal aisle? You guys are too sensitive.

Ok you obviously don't know much about how retail works and are taking a single example and projecting all kinds of personal opinions about it as fact.  I was seeing if you were going to be reasonable about this but I get it now.  Thanks for making clear your true colors so I know what to expect now.  I hope you enjoy your PS4.

I took a single example based on a single store. I didn't project it about Best Buy as a whole. But sure, imply that I don't know how retail works because what I have to say doesn't suit your opinion. As if you didn't project what you stated as fact.