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In terms of review scores, no I think the hype is probably about right. In terms of likely sales on Xb one and its ability to massively increase sales of Xb one, yes I think it's overhyped.

I thinkyou are pot on here. MS have weakened the power of the game considerably (as a console seller for X1) by allowing it on the x360 as well as pc. A cheaper move no doubt but a stupid one i suspect.

A PC is not a console and they really do not compete in the same space.  Having a 360 game created by an outsourced company probably will not be the same or even have the level of polish as the X1 version.  What I do know is that people like to play the superior version of a game so unless the PC version totally outclass the X1 version, Titanfall should be a system seller for the X1.  If Titanfall takes off like COD, Gears or Halo then MS would have a pretty solid piece in their salvo for the drought months that are coming during Titanfall release.

Yes people will get the superior version, IF they have access to both versions i.e. if they were going to buy a ps4 or X1, then they may go for the X1 to play Titanfall. However, if they have a pc or x360 then they may just decide to buy that version over a x1 version. The x1 is not the only place that you can play the game so logically the X1's system selling ability is naturally reduced (though this does not mean that consoles sales due to Titanfall will be poor. Just that they wont be as good as they could have been). And of course pcs compete in the same space as consoles - the games (or genres) necessarily might not always be as popular on one as it would be on the other but the fact that most games nowdays are available on both pcs and consoles suggest the market is not so different as some would like. 

The X1 does not have to be the only place to play the game, it just has to be the best place.  COD, Battlefield and a host of other top games run on the PC as well as consoles.  When have you heard PC sales taking away from console sells. For popular games like I listed, when have PC sales come close to matching the console sells. Console players will purchase a console to play games this is the reason PC does not really effect Titanfall ability to sell X1 systems.  The percentage of people who will play the PC version instead of getting the X1 I believe will be pretty small compared to the fast pace COD crowd Titanfall appeal to.  

The game being on the 360 also will not really effect the X1 since the 360 version will definitely not be the best version.  Its outsourced to another vendor, everything will be reduced and who knows how performance and other metrics will take a hit.  When was the last time and EA oursourced game was good.

I think you missed the entire gist of what I was trying to say. Yes, if a gamer has a pc, x360 and x1, then they will go for the X1 version of Titanfall which will be the best one (I assume). The same if they are planning to get a next gen console and Titanfall is a game they MUST play. BUT if they really want to play titanfall but only have an x360 OR a PC, then do you think they will buy an X1 just to play the BEST version of the game? Of course they wont, the majority of gamers will just get the game on pc or x360. Only a small fraction would buy a console they werent already planning to buy just to play a single game, especially when they have the option of playing the game for cheaper elsewhere. 

As for PCs, of course the number of pc gamers is smaller than console and yes the number of people getting and playing Titanfall will be much lower than on X360/X1. But if it comes to people choosing a pc version or buying a whole new console I bet a significant number do go for the pc version. I also dont know that the x1 version will be superior to the pc version (correct me if I am wrong). 

@ Bolded:  Yes I do believe people would purchase the X1 to play the game if the X1 is superior version over the 360.  For the PC, if the X1 is even on par withthe PC version then I believe people would purchase the X1 instead of playing the PC version if they are console buyers. You make a statement that people are not thinking about purchasing a X1 would not change their mind if Titanfall deliver.  I counter that opinion in that you have large people on the fence.  Those people are waiting for the PS4 and the X1 to provide a must have game to purchase the system or enough games to justify the purchase.  I know people who only purchase a 360 for COD or FIfa.  In the end, its just an opinion and can only be proven when Titanfall release and we see if sells increase for the X1 if Titanfall delivers.