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Not even stable at 720p... It is way worse than GT5 in performance. Sony really made a mistake releasing GT6 with such a performance on the old console, it would have helped PS4 even more.
Especially racers should have at least a stable frame-rate instead of variable, that's for sure.


@Ethomaz: Nice selection of paragraphs of the article...


Here are some more:

"Resolution has increased to 1440x1080 in GT6 but superior multi-sampling anti-aliasing is swapped out for a post-process alternative that is lacking in comparison."


"Comparisons with Gran Turismo 5 reveal a sequel that has added some genuinely impressive new effects - but there is a drop in frame-rate that impacts the fluidity of the driving experience."


"As it stands, performance seems to hinge on the use of four elements: dynamic lighting, the amount of cars on-screen, utilisation of the cockpit view, and weather effects."


"Adaptive tessellation has been added to GT6, but it's a struggle to see where it is utilised. In-game we see LOD 'pop' as lower poly cars are swapped in with higher detail versions as we move to overtake."