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Metallicube said:
Talal said:
Metallicube said:

Why any TRUE gamer would want Nintendo third party is completely beyond me..

You REALLY want the last deticated gaming company to go under, and for the entire games industry to be run by the non-gaming soulless corporate machines known as Sony and MS? Sony and MS (and their third party lapdogs) running things by themselves would kill gaming. MS and Sony care nothing about gamers, they only care about getting a foothold in the games industry to expand their influence and increase revenues. Just look at how MS completely sold out gamers with all the DRM shit initially with the Xbone, before a huge backlash from the gamer community scared them into changing. Look at how Sony thought everyone would run out and spend $599USD on a freakin Playstation 3..


Metallicube said:

Did you ever thnk that maybe the games stay at that price because they are WORTH it? Obvioulsy people keep buying them,

otherwise they would drop the prices.. If the games were NOT good enough to sell well, the prices would fall. Simple supply and demand.

Nintendo's games are generally on a completely different level of quality than most others, which is why the prices stay high.

Prices reflect true value.

Except very few people bought PS3 at that price

Quite a bit more than people who bought the WiiU at $300. 

Wait what are we talking about again? I thought this thread was about donating money to the Big N. 

Sigs are dumb. And so are you!