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vanguardian1 said: Kwaad, I'd LOVE to hear your thoughs on why so many Wii games scores are all over the charts. ;) Honestly, I'm wondering why several wii game's review scores are so outta whack with each other... it makes no bloody sense. It seems more like reviewers are playing different versions of the same game, if even sometimes.
personal taste. People try to base it off of what it is but then again if game lends itself to look like it would play better online yet does not offer that feature I am pretty sure some reviewer who loves online would add some extra negative points on that one. Lack of story? Gameplay? Graphics? What do you weigh more? what is a review? What you think is a good game based on your opinion, other opinions or a general opinion of the masses? What is your perception of general opinion? Reviews are a weird thing but I am sure they are personal.

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