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rccsetzer said:

Xenogears, without a doubt. If you search through the web you will see some people saying how xenogears changed their lives. That game opened my mind.

So much this.

I never felt such chills or held my breath and felt so stunned as I did when Mahanon arose from the ocean.

I had to save the game and watch the intro FMV again dozens of times with tears in my eyes.  I felt so small and had difficulty breathing, I just felt so numb when EVERYTHING finally came together.  I replayed the game in my head fast foward and remembered all the little things like the missing human skulls that didn't appear until 10,000 years ago, etc.  I never felt so scandalized by a video game story before.

And then that ending song... 10,000 years of anguish finally at an end.  I was an emotional wreck for weeks while I reconciled with Perfect Works and learned everything I could about this story.