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This is not an admission that the Wii U is weak in anyway; but the back and forth bickering between Nintendo loyalist and haters is getting kinda' annoying!!!  I for one don't care if the haters continue to spread rumors on alleged unconfirmed specs coming from their cousin's neighbor's uncle that the Wii U is 176Gflops b/c I have made up my mind that it is a fully customized console with a GPU at least equivalent to a HD Radeon 5550 or e6760 and that's it!!!  I am now saying it's all about how the game looks and if it looks impressive who cares how Nintendo or any developer was able to do it!!! Let's end this and stop feeding the trolls and just talk about how the games coming out for the Wii U look very impressive!!!  As a Nintendo fan you should pledge to not get caught up with these stupid debates that don't really matter; because in the end it's all about the games!!!

Ninty fans can post their favorite screenshots as well as their anticipated games...because it's all about the games!!!