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I don't get it - offensive threads like these appear here all the time and noone gives a s apparently, but as soon as I post some insignificance I get warning from moderators.

It's how it is now... Site has lost all integrity IMO.

It's a zoo. 

Sensitive souls need to leave before launch.

On topic: I am not sure what the Xbone does and doesn't anymore. I am waiting for more clarifications from MS about games sharing.

sensitive souls? How ironic.

say anything remotely neg about Sony or a Sony console and a raft of reports swiftly follows.

True. But you won't get banned for it. You particularly should know that by now. Stop complaining each time you sense negativity towards your favourite company. For two reasons, it's their fault their PR is horseshit, and you are too old for that. The original post is asking a question, if you think he is out of line, report it and move on. Otherwise you are not better than the sensitive SONY fans who whines each time you bring up financials.

Not in my experience.

How could you possibly know?

Continue this conversation with a mod. Support your claims with evidence. Show them the infinite threads you made about how dire SONY's financials are and how the complainers succeeded in getting you banned. I won't continue derailing anymore. Enlighten the OP, he is asking for it, no need to patronize him and the whole community because you are ok with the way MS is bullshitting us with vague statements.