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Max King of the Wild said:
ironmanDX said:

It's possible. Every MS DRM rumor was considered concrete...Hell, every negative rumor was. I'm not saying it's real, Sony did say No DRM at E3 but if the publishers push to hard, Sony will have to cave. 80% of software sales were 3rd party last/this gen. If anyone can force it, they can.


We were also told that final publishing agreements will not be drawn up for at least another month, so the terms of engagement could yet change once more before each console launches at the end of the year.

Every rumor was from solid sourves and kept poping up. We havent had anything similar with sony except desperate speculation, misinterpretation, and outvof context quotes. As for publishers... you mean the same ones who just recently publicly stated they have no problem with used market?

Indeed.   M$ policies of the XBO were leaked before the reveal. Meanwhile with Sony nothing like that leaked (because nothing like that existed); it was just speculation based on what M$ was doing because they can be that stupid to be doing this alone.

Looks like either supporters of XBO on the internet are just mad that M$ is the only one looking bad; and still trying to make people think that Sony is doing this;  or M$ is paying people to make this $hit up; so that Sony looks bad; even though Sony has said TWICE ALREADY THEY ARE NOT DOING THIS!

This kind of articles are just made with the reason to troll; and mention stuff like the publishers agreements so that they seem real.

M$ is just desperate.