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Just came from the monthly ban thread.

What I don't get is why people request to be banned...  For any length of time.  It doesn't stop you from visiting the site and going about whatever you wish.  All it does is inconvience you of posting, and if you've really got such an addiction to this site, well, not even a perma ban will keep you gone...  for too long...

So, I figured.  Hey, stop bothering mods, all you people that don't know how to hit the "Log out" button, and actually STAY logged out, I've got a solution for you.  So, sit back, take it easy, and I will show you step by step how to completely "ban" yourself from the site, getting an error every time you try to visit vgchartz.

Okay. Step one.  LOG-OUT!

The second thing you want to do is go into programs, and open up notepad as an administrator.  Next, from the notepad, we're going to look for a file.  So, go to [Computer]>[OS]>[Windows]>[System 32]>[Drivers]>[ETC] and we're half way done.

If your ETC folder appears to be empty, make sure you have "view all files" selected.

Now, open the "hosts" file.

Now, if you want to leave notes for yourself in the file, that's fine, just make sure # is the first thing on the line and the computer will skip over it...

Anyway, at the bottom of the file, on a free line, type....

After that, press the tab button, and type VGChartz.com.  On another line, type       www.vgchartz.com.  And, hit save.  You may want to copy this post somewhere incase you forget, because you wont be able to read this thread for reference.  And, go ahead, have a ball.  Ban yourself from any website you desire.

Got a problem with facebook?  Twitter?  Youtube?  Google? Neogaf?  Well, you now have a solution.

Good luck with your withdrawl! :D