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I hope so! They should atleast put up E3 demos of 3DS games on the eShop since only Wii U games will be showcased at Best Buy sadly. This is understandable though, as the 3DS is doing decently enough in NA, and it can only get better with new Animal Crossing, Zelda, n Pokemon installments among other games coming out this year. On the other hand, the Wii U is in some desperate need of hype n publicity and the sales that go along with that, and this Best Buy event is a great way to get lot's of word of mouth goings. I myself am actually getting pumped up just thinking about playing the new Mario Kart among other unreleased games! That's quite the feat there as I always try not to get hyped as it means less disapoimtment or more amazement, but really there's very little chance of Mario Kart disappointing so I have every reason to be hyped right now. Heh, who needs a press conference when you can just make the games available to the people and let them do the talking. ;D