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What's COMG?

COMG! is a video game retailer that spawns ~16 stores spreaded across the Niigata Prefecture in Japan. They have a website where they publish the pre-order numbers for console and handheld titles. The pre-order numbers are updated daily on their website here.


What does 1 point represent? (Understanding the COMG system)

1 point = 1 pre-order in a COMG! store. That pre-order can come from any of the numerous COMG! stores.

In general, we can extrapolate 1 point = 1k pre-orders in the whole of Japan. Do note that this is a very rough equivalence as several trends and factors (such as the platform, the franchise , the publisher, the time of year, etc.) can influence the numbers. Experience as shown that COMG! stores tend to be often skewed towards Sony titles. That means Sony games usually end up with >1 point = 1k pre-orders. On the other hand, Nintendo titles are rather <1 point = 1k pre-orders.

Also, highly front-loaded games can sometimes reach 2/3 points = 1k pre-order whereas more obscure titles can be 1 point = 2k/3k pre-orders.

The best way to understand COMG! is by following it on a daily basis or asking questions to the people in this thread.

You can access the COMG archive here.


Why the new thread?

The decision to make a new thread spurs from peer pressure and the ability to take control of the opening post and the thread title. Also, I need more points.