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Lets be honest, why do people keep making these threads about Nintendo crashing and burning? If you havnt notice they have made the most money in the gaming industry. Total games Nintendo has sold as of December 31, 2012: 4.08 billion. (compare to Sonys 2.8 billion) And yet there dieing?
Lets be realistic here, there not going anyway. WiiU is Cheap for reasons, and the Hardware isnt bad. If you think Hardware means everything in gaming then take a look at Super Mario Galaxys. That game was rendered on the Wii and looked as good as 360/PS3 games. Now imagain what Nintendo can do with Mario on a system that is 20 times more powerful then a Wii.

People need to get specs out of there head and actrually play whats fun, Nintendo have survived this long via what they do, not what Sony or MS do.