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mutantclown said:
Conegamer said:
That's what I'm talking about Luigi!

Actually disappointing for OP, very much so. And Vita flat, but it's all downhill from here.

Vita is not flat, it's actually up ~5K. Why is it downhill from here? it went up with no major release, next week onwards it could settle down on ~30K without any. The only thing going downhill is the Wii U, that thing can't beat the PSP.


The vita it's coming from a big pricecut + several big releases while it has almost nothing new for months. It's obviously downhill from here. Takin in consideration the facts and the numbers already are disappointing and odds are that it will get worse.

Anyways, about what I expected for Luigi ... it should break a million eventually. I think for handhelds digital purchases is much more common compared to consoles (this is true for both Vita and 3DS imo). I plan to get Luigi's mansion digitally too.

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