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tbone51 said:
Ail said:
So non withstanding Patcher comments, there are actually people on this site that think that WiiU can recover and reach something like 50 million units sold lifetime ?

look at PS3, Good system Did terrible in its first 3 months while Wii was killing it! Did it look like PS3 could recover? For most people no, but like i say, you cant judge intill its at full capacity! Anybody with a brain can see Nintendo is doing bad cuz of no software and PS3+X360 have much cheaper price tag/bundles and over a 7 year game library! Michael Pachter is retarded and is only used for comedy and to piss off Nintendo gamers!

Sony and Microsoft command a more stable portion of the gaming audience than Nintendo. Microsoft cut off a share of Sony's marketshare during the PS2 era and they now collectively sit at over 140 M plus and will reach the 150 M (Sony's PS2 sales) before the next consoles launch. After Sony broke down Nintendo's fanbase when they went with the third parties they've consecutively ran off with a little over 30-35 M+ per gen. If some new gamers stick after the Wii gen, which most definitely wont with the Wii U's current structure we're looking at a 10 M console hike for Nintendo overall (being generous) for Nintendo if they cannot hook casuals majorly. They forgot exactly what made the Wii so special and its that they gave casuals something they had never seen before and made gaming accessible for casuals who don't really like a major challenge that demands major learning.