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VGKing said:
tbone51 said:
VGKing said:
Don't call me a troll just like that. He has his reasons and weak Wii U sales with the 3DS troubles in the West are very worrying. I just don't see them turning Wii U sales around so easily. This will take a lot of work for Nintendo.

No1 will call you a troll lol, anyway he said no recovery. Its way too early to say this, I mean there is no software out yet, even Nintendo knows this which is there fault but come on. Every chance this guy gets, its just frustrating. I see the Vita have a bad year. Is it Doomed? Nooo. It just needs heavy adjustments (not going into detail cuz there is alot to cover). Beside I still dont see why to keep him at his crazy remarks unless they use him for Comedy?

LOL I have no idea why I wrote "me". Maybe I'm pachter :D

Anyway about the Vita doom question....it might very well be. I'll wait for post price cut before really saying it though!

thats why i always Re-read what i write lol, anyway Yea Via is in bad shape but a year on the market is way too early to judge. I mean even a Fanboy can never say Vita will outsell 3DS (unless they are mentally ill ). Wii U doesn't have its games yet, PS3+X360 got great F-ing deals(cheaper price tag and major game library). Vita all though doing vry terrible can turn that around with Great Support, Cheaper Price Tag on everything!!!, and A remodel imo. Point is People got to stop dooming something especially when theres time to fixd things! Just saying