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Trine 2 dev says it would be tough to squeeze ‘Goblin Menace’ DLC onto “older platforms” like PS360

December 20th, 2012 Posted in News, Posted by Austin, Wii U

“Technically speaking, the Goblin Menace expansion is not “exclusive” to Wii U as such. It’s exclusive as of right now because we haven’t had enough resources to look into getting it to XBLA and PSN. The levels in the expansion are quite a bit more demanding than the original campaign, so we’re not quite sure if we can squeeze them onto the older consoles properly. We probably could if we did some minor changes to the levels, but that can end up as quite a bit of work…”- Joel, Frozenbyte team

I know that technically speaking it’s better for more people to have access to a game, but man, it sure does feel good to hear stuff like this! He also went on to say that they don’t really like PSN or XBLA, and definitely prefer the Wii U’s eShop for releasing content:

“Truth be told we’re not very big fans of XBLA nor PSN at the moment, their processes are a bit too heavy to our liking and we also need to go through the XBLA/PSN publisher ATLUS, so it’s all a bit more complicated. And frankly there’s a big psychological factor as well – We had a very stressful time getting the game onto XBLA and PSN, and we feel like it wasn’t really up to us, so we dread having to do that again.”

There are a lot more comments from Joel, but I’ve yet to read through them all. As I do I’ll post em up!

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Source: http://nintendoeverything.com/108841/trine-2-dev-says-it-would-be-tough-to-squeeze-goblin-menace-dlc-onto-older-platforms-like-ps360/


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