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cloud1161 said:
blunty51 said:
cloud1161 said:
Is anyone willing to trade a Pure Darkmoonstone? I killed all the Crystal Geckos in 4-2 and 4-3 without getting one. I am willing to trade any other Pures for it. That's the last stone I need.

Haven't fired this game up in a while, can't remember what I have, or even what my level is.

Don't we need to be around the same level in order to meet up and trade?

Yea, it's like withint 15% of each other or something.  I am level 170ish.  I just started a NG+.  Also, if you have any of these items, I'd be willing to trade for them:  Istralle, Magic Sword Makoto, Bramd, Friend's Ring, Dull Rat's Ring.   I would really be interested in the Friend's Ring more than anything because my CT is Pure Black right now so I'd have to do two more play throughs I think to get Pure White.

I should be able to help you. I have to see what I have though. Its been a while since I played.  If I don't have the stone, I might just be able to let you hold a weapon.

My PSN is the same as my name here: GameOver22

Edit: Just checked. I have everything you need.