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PooperScooper said:
It's official. You are an idiot. Highest price that still kept them up with 360 with 360 release of Halo3. And they reduced it more than 360. unneccesary BR? Sony is all about the newest technology. BR drive was the newest. It helped them with winning the format war. Fitting a game on one DVD is becomming a little problem. Though I think at this point it is pointless for gamming(not for the system though) I think it will play a bigger role next generation or the end of this one. I'm glad they didn't rush their crap out like the 360. 360 constantly changed Sku's too. Can someone list them all please? I know there are like 5 of them. Arrogance is a sad sorry excuse for you to try and make more excuses than you have.

First of all, Sony has NOT won any format war. BR is owned by MANY companies to begin with, secondly DVDs still own 90%+ of the market. Also, HDDVD is not 100% dead anyway, they still have 2 major exclusive studios and will be around as long as they do. Next, PS3 HAD to have more price drops than 360 to compete, and it has changed more SKUs in 1 year than the 360 did in 2 years. You are the one that is an idiot, just look at your name on this site. I got news for you little boy, I am 28 years old, have multiple college degrees, and have been playing video games longer than you have been alive. You call me an idiot again and you are gonna look really stupid wearing your ass for a hat...