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fooflexible said: And while I'm sure your thinking of little nifty elements in the software, my main point is most of the big franchises on the DS to date are exclusive, not just the games, but the entire franchises are exclusive. We're not talking the same characters and game content with a few twists to freshen up the portable, we're talking completely different concepts. And while titles like MGS4 might not incorperate PO's gameplay entirely, it will be charachters, plot and gameplay all in the same vein only much much better. So I'd rather wait for MGS4 and get Pokemon for my DS. Plus I'm really starting to find the analog nub on the psp annoying for 3d games, the controls are simply inferior to console controls, and that does have an impact because we're essentially playing console style games.(I've seen someone actually use an aftermarket analog stick version does anyone have a good recommendation for one?) I've played at length Virtua Tennis, Burnout, Lego Star Wars and I fail to see just how different these games are on the PSP. And even if they do have extra elements, boards, charachters, are they enough to buy for 40 bucks after shelling out 60 for the console version? I still say no. I'm not saying I hate the psp, I bought one and I don't regret it. In fact I've actually used the opposite of my logic on a few titles. I bought the Lego Star Wars title on the PSP instead of the console version. But I wish there was more fresh IPs that weren't so focused on a console like experience, I'd love some more adventure, rpg, and 2d fighters. I think my biggest beef with the psp is the selection of games is too action oriented. and I tend to not like playing 3d action on a portable.
Are you serious? You mean with stables like mario, mario kart, starfox, metroid, zelda, trauma center so forth and so on. These games have been around multiple time on other nintendo systems. The are the same games with (for most of them) no story and a highly tweaked gameplay. You mention only three games after me and another user have listed various other games. Like I said go rent some of the games we listed before you continue. you arguement is dead on the water because the PSp actually doesn't have that many action game and is solid with RPG's, tactics and puzzle games. Followed by racers and 2d fighters and then there are a couple of action games in the library. I cannot take your word seriously after you mention games that may be like thier PS2 counterparts while I "KNOW" because I have played, an army of games that are completely unlike thier PS2 counterparts. (probably due to memory restrictions as well. I am sorry but I do not buy your arguement.

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