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Ps3 said:
Ps3 said:

I just posted facted and you're still ignoring them.

Most women are fragile, but that's why so many women are becoming the pants in the family. Women need to be independent and strong. I'm not the pig who believes cheating men are okay. I'm actually finding your posts pretty sexist...

Now this is the very definition of irony.

And what's wrong with being fragile? Women however are becoming more independent due to men who are ruining their lives. Women are becoming the new man of America. In the 1940s a woman wouldn't even make it to the primaries in a presidential election, and now today we've had Palin on the ticket in 2008, Hilary almost beating Obama, and Mrs Ferrara years ago on the ticket. Women are becoming more and more powerful, and if it wasn't for people like Susan B Anthony or Susan B Anthony we would probably still have sexism making laws on their lives, but we still have sexism, and it's very alive here today.

I never said there is anything wrong with being fragile, it is wrong, however, to assume that most women are crybabies who can't deal with cheating partners as well as men can.

Bolded: What the hell? You don't want women to be independent??? You want women to be controlled and held safe from all possible things that may hurt their feelings? How is that Not sexist?

Who didn't I didn't want women to be independent. I want them to be just as free as men, but women still are treated like shit in 2012.


Reputation proceeds me, they told you I'm crazy, I swear I don't love the drama it loves me <3