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KungKras said:
Ps3 said:
KungKras said:
Do you think that women who cheat and break innocent men's hearts should be forcibly sterilized? I mean, not on the first offence, but women who break innocent men's hearts over and over and violate what the bible says about adultry. One's who just think with their pussy and forget men are human too.

I think it's such a small minority, but most men just go back out and get their dicks wet right after an ended relationship. I know a girl who cried for days when her boyfriend cheating on her. He ended up catching an STD about a year later.

And women don't? You're really generalizing here.

Here is a real piece of statistics not founded on anecdotes: More men commit suicide after a breakup than women. http://articles.cnn.com/2000-03-15/health/divorce.suicide.wmd_1_divorce-higher-suicide-rate-women-attempt-suicide?_s=PM:HEALTH

I never said women didn't. Go back and re-read my posts.


Reputation proceeds me, they told you I'm crazy, I swear I don't love the drama it loves me <3