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Xxain said:
I dont want to watch this video... whats the motivation in him saying that.

Jaffe thinks Hip Hop Gamer's a cool guy. He mainly says this because of the enthusiasm he has about the industry. Hip Hop gamer also happens to be a big Twisted Metal fan and made a song about the game which Jaffe and the studio thought was cool.

Appearantly he's been getting a lot of comments about it, complaints about Mr Grimm (star of the most recent trailer) being openly black, and complaints about the 2 rap songs on the Twisted Metal sound track.

Basically Jaffe says that the game supports custom soundtracks and if you're not a fan of Hip Hop or you don't think that it fits the twisted metal style, that's cool and dandy. That you as well as everyone else is entitled to an opinion. Then he goes on to the blatant racist and says that it's basically not cool, he can't believe it's still so strong in this day and age. He also says at the end that if the game does well, and his studio gets a bonus check, anyone that buys the game and is racist, just let him know. He'll donate a portion of his bonus check to charity because he doesn't want their money.

It wasn't a bad video in my opinion. A pretty strong message at the end but he doesn't throw any insults or any random unnessacery profanity or anything of that sort.

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