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But that's a ridiculous standard for a statement like "____ is having a software drought".  A similar statement would be like me saying "the Wii has no worthwhile games" because none of the games fit my tastes.  If I go into a thread and say that I know for a fact that every Ninty fan will give me big lists of every game they can think of to prove I'm wrong, I'm just doing the same thing here.  "HD Consoles have a drought in Q2 just like the Wii does", I call BS on that statement based on the list of games I just put up just like someone arguing against "The Wii has no games".  Now if you want to say "HD consoles have no games I want in Q2" that's fine, but "HD consoles have no games in Q2" is a different statement that I will argue against.

As far I can see, I can only see people saying similar to myself in that there's not much of personal interest (whilst acknowledging at the same time for someone out there this quarter could be the best quarter they've ever had), which has been spun into '____ has no gamezzz' full stop.

"I mean, how many games are there coming out for the HD consoles in May onwards? I can count but a few...they'll be a drought for all consoles. "

is what I was responding to.  are we all just going to ignore that statement and just assume I was making a sweeping generalization to the thread in general?

@Maxwell: no contradiction.  I never said that the 3DS had no games, I said it didn't have anything I want.  Two different statement.

You totally missed the entire point of my post which was, you're calling a "drought" a numbers thing, as it couldn't be subjective, but to you there isn't anything on the 3DS you want which is essentially no games for you to buy, IE a "drought", which is quite common with launch libraries.  It's just like how people get around saying _______ console has no games *troll face* by saying __________ console has no games for me *troll face, and do it at every opportunity*, one statement is factual and quantitive the other is subjective, but a drought is defined by the fact there isn't any games you want to buy as every console has games coming out, if we're wanting to get literal here.

Well then Conegamer can say there's a drought of HD games for all time since his taste in games apparently requires that it be made by or at least be similar to games made by Nintendo.  Huzzah, we've turned another word into something meaningless that can be said at every oppurtunity because it's an assumed opinion of the observer.  

If I say that a console has no games that's precisely what I mean, just like when I say a console has no games for me.  Drought can be defined to you as no games you want to buy, but to me it's about notable releases regardless of your desire to purchase them.  Guess we'll just have to agree to disagree and I'll let this thread get back to it's original topic.


There's a drought of HD games for all time

I don't think I ever said the HD had bad games, just that, in my eyes, there's a drought of games I am personally interested in, for ALL consoles. For Q2, at least

I have games like Oblivion, Bioshock, Fallout, Little Big Planet, Gran Turismo and Killzone for my HD consoles. Those are the sorts of games I like. At the moment, the lineup for Q2 isn't ticking my boxes, therefore it has as big an issue for me as the Wii lineup. But I expet both to change soon

It depends whether you're talking about yourself or in general. Many Wii owners will like the casual line-up, does that still mean it's a drought? No, because it's their opinion, which differs to your own. You make the judgement which games you like, not me, not anyone else. 

If there's no games which appeal to you, the console is having a drought of quality games in your opinion, that's all I said, that's all there is to it. Why it took so long to explain I don't know...


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