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Mr Puggsly said:
vlad321 said:

And you state piracy is damaging without an argument. Your statement has no ground as well. My argument is simple. When you go buy a game used, the developer sees nothing. You play the game for free, as far as the developer is concerned. Same as piracy.

A pirated game is also bought initially. Someone had to buy it to crack it open. 

Explain to me then, why is it that piracy was not this rampant before this generation? Also explain to me how the better games on the PC don't see nowhere near as much piracy? SC2 was barely 5th last year, and many people thought it was a waste of money as well. Meanwhile Black Ops was barely out for 3 weeks and was #1 overwhelmingly. What you are saying, or what you want to believe, is not supported by the data, therefore you are wrong. Not to mention that there are many studies out there that p[irates spend more on media than non-pirates. That also kind of ruins your entire belief. I expect your pispoor counter-argument which will probably be debunked by statistics.

Right, that one PC game sold potentially goes out to millions of pirates. For a used game to be sold million of times it would have to have sold millions already. The sales of used games also doesn't get consumers accustomed to games being free. This is a ridiculous argument, its just common sense that piracy is worse.

Piracy wasn't this rampant in the past because we didn't have the same technology in the past. Broadband connections is in more homes and cheaper than ever. BitTorrents have also made sharing easier than ever.

SC2 and Black Ops are popular PC games, but they still sell significantly less than many popular console games. Also, SC2 and Black Ops is no reflection on typical PC game sales.

This data you're talking about... who knows where that even came from or who they polled? There is data you're ignoring that shows how massively PC games are pirated. And just looking at where most of the software support is, its pretty obvious that most studios can not depend on PC.

So the validity of the studies is in question? Let's see what we have here:

Unbiased (as in, not RIAA, MPAA,etc. funded) researchers:


US Government:


Dutch government, they actually noticed the economy profits from piracy:


A bit unrelated to games, but this concerns anime piracy which is still piracy, Japanese government:



To sum it up. You are wrong, I am right. Good day. Your overall point of view on piracy is just fallacious in the face of these studies, and if you wanna argue against these, then you will just end up looking more like a fool.

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