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voty2000 said:
yusuke93_ita said:

haven't logged in for a while and the first thing i see is this "VGC Pro"

i mean wtf are you guys thinking, i am here since 2009, when i first saw vgchartz i immediately thought "this is the best website EVER" a place to talk about videogames sales...

...you guys ruined vgchartz... this "pro" thing is the worst thing you could ever made to this website; i'm leaving vgchartz, i know that all of you won't care since i have posted only 200 times... but i just want to say it


 see ya

A guy that doesn't know how to use the shift key to capatilize the beginning of sentences, something you learn is 1st grade, is leaving?  GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!

A guy who can't spell capitalize is belittling someone who's leaving?  GREAT!!!!