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Going through the list was hard, at 100 I was like..STILL NO FFXIII!

Then we got through VIII and IX and I thought...no it missed the top 150...but then it was there at number 27 LOL. Dunno how FFXIII get so high without me or Boutros completing our lists.

Oh and MGS4, GTA:SA are too low...my heart stopped beating when I saw them so low, I thought they would be surefire top 10 contenders.

Thank you for putting FF6 at number 3 (thats exactly where I have it)! Nice to see Wind Waker so high up too (didn't expect to see it that high).

Cool how the top 5 FF's on the list are my top 5 FF's too (6,4,10,7,13) albeit a different order.

Top 3 games are on nintendo systems so this is clearly a nintendo biased poll!!c!a!r!l!!2291!!

Nice job Smeags...looking forward to doing it again next year if you'll do it tehehe

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey