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ethomaz said:
Michael-5 said:
ethomaz said:

Shortages or not the GAP is decreasing... and will decreased more after adjustments.

I disagree, I'm noticing that the 360 is outselling the PS3 marginally now that shortages have been met. It's likely that PS3 and 360 sell a similar number of units during the year. If the Kinect boost wears off and PS3 sales remain strong, PS3 might get a small lead this year, but that will be offset by 360 having stronger holiday sales. I say this because I feel Kinect will boost 360 sales in a similar pattern to how Wii sells, which is with headstrong sales in the fall.

However your free to feel what you like. I've accuratly predicted 360's rise to leading sales, and I don't think you disagree with me when I say that Wii sales will be weaker then the HD consoles during the non holiday portion of 2011.

What? Are you kidding?

In 2011 PS3 outsold the 360 week by week... the first figure show 360 > PS3 but in the next week PS3 was adjusted UP and 360 DOWN turn arround PS3 > 360.

Wait until next week to see this week number changed like the previous week.

PS3 is leading 2011 by 100k or more.

What? How do you not see that the 360 has been slowly creepying it's way to stronger sales now that the shortages have been met?

Did you already forget how 360 had 20% stronger sales then PS3 during the holidays post Kinect launch? The only reason PS3 caught up was because of 360 shortages, and Kinects more holiday oriented boost.

PS3 outselling 360 in January was due to large scale shortages, and PS3 only marginally beat 360 on the week LBP2 was released. Since then 360 has been ontop. I don't think sales between the HD consoles will be that different until at least E3 2011, you can't deny that. PS3 has shown no signs of seperating itself from 360 sales, and without any major software releases until E3, it won't.

Remember Killzone 3 is comming out the same time as Marvel vs. Capcom 3, which is looking like a much stronger selling game as of now, and other then that I don't see any spectacular exclusives on either 360 or PS3 until summer.

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