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360 is overtracked i don't care what anyone says. It nearly doubles Ps3 sales with no releases and no releases with kinect. 

PS3 nearly doubles 360 sales in EMEAA, is it overtracked there? No! It's just in Americas 360 is a domestic brand, and that helps a great deal.

BTW, games chart is still not up

What are you talking about? It doesn't nearly double it. Its only up on it by 30k.

35k last week and 360 only sell 60k. That's still over 50%, and without the bonus of being a domestic brand. 360 is not overtracked, for all we know it's undertracked in EMEAA. UK is after all the biggest region in EMEAA and they have a strong 360 preference, it's hard to believe almost  every other country prefers PS3.

 50% added is not double, 100% added is. UK is smaller than Japan. 

Well okay, I said nearly doubles when it's closer to 50%. Still, 360 only doubles PS3 in Americas. Judging how PS3 rapes 360 in Japan, I think domestic association makes a big impact. Personally I'm more surprised that PS3 is 50% more popular then 360 in EMEAA. GT5 helped, a lot.

Also UK - 51k units sold this Week, Japan did 96k, after that there is France Italy and Germany(which sold 30-41k systems), then everyone else is less then half the size of UK. UK is a pretty big region in EMEAA, it's about as big as Italy and Germany combined. My point was that it's weirder to see PS3 have a 50% lead in EMEAA, with no domestic brand association, then to see 360 see a 100% lead with brand association, and Kinect pushing sales hard.

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