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Mr Puggsly said:
pizzahut451 said:

Ugh...Xbox did post huge losses in its 2 years, go look it up. And no, Sony, did in no way, shape or form lost even remotly close to 5 billion dollars. It was 3.5 - 3.8 billion max. Original Xbox exceeded that.As for SGEA, they did made some horrible desicions before Dreamcast, so its unfair to blame it all on Dreamcast, but the fact remains that SEGA is alone responsible for their failures.

Sony's gaming division indeed lost over $5 billion from 2006 - 2010. The chart in the link you posted shows it. I'm just iffy about the 2011 numbers. Which means PS3 lost well over $5 billion because PS2 and PSP have been profiting thoughout the PS3's life. PS3 could have lost more like $6 - 7 billion.

Sega had problems with Dreamcast right out the door. Some retailers didn't want to support them. Several major developers didn't want to support them (most notably Electronic Arts). The masses were waiting for PS2, Gamecube was on the way, and MS was entertering the industry with billions of dollars to piss away. Sega simply didn't have the resources to compete.

EDIT: Forget about that chart, i read the thread and all...its very wrong and inacurate, it suggests GC made more money than PS2...yeah. This is a better example used more frequently


SEGA made lost of mistakes in earlier gen with Saturn, CDx32, lots of dumb accesories, expensive hardware, dfestorying Sonic...Dreamcast was bound to die, considering how much money SEGA lost on Saturn and Genesis