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vr6GOLFr32 said:
sDarc Requiem said:

I can't believe I left out the FFVI opera scene. Fail on my part. I didn't find Aerith's death too emotional. I had already figured it out from the FFVII commercials. Nei's death in Phantasy Star 2 was more emotional for me as I didn't see it coming.

Well I was quite shocked actually when I first witnessed Aeriths death. At the age I was then, I never saw something like that in a videogame before (excluding the brutal stuff in MGS) but with so much damn emotion. I dropped the controller and wondered wtf just happened. Plus the thought of putting exp into her for what? lol

Understandable, I felt the same way bout Nei in PSII. I remember stalling on PSII for the longest and leveling Nei like a dumbass to see if she'd survive. Of course then they killed Alys in PSIV, and I saw that one coming. I always hate how they kill characters in JRPGS and the life restoring items suddenly stop working -_- Let me stop before I go off on a tangent.