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So I bought Magic the Gathering : Duel of the Planesweepers through Steam sales

For the pros :

- I had some friend playing this some years ago, borrowed decks and so on to try but never got into it, I did just get the basics but reading the cards and thinking of the combination gave me headache. So, for magic noob like I am , the game is pretty fine.

- Through your progress in the campaign mode, you get more decks, and each time you win again an opponent with a deck, you unlock a card. Those special cards are pretty badass, so the replay value is fine since if you want to get some more deck you have to beat more serious opponents, then you have to replay the one you beat with your new decks to unlock those special cards. It's fine for me, and so far I had a pretty good time with it.


Now the cons :

- First, the dev's decision to not allow deck modification is a very stupid mistake. Ok, the game has a multiplayer, and I understand that you could have a lot of unbalanced games, but hey, making your own deck is what magic is about no ?

- Consequently, even in campaign mode you can't modify the number of lands cards you have. Good luck with the red deck ! (which needs usually less mana than other colors)

- Also, the game becomes heavily based on luck, especially the first random hand.


Now the worst feature of all :

- DLC is imho pathetic. I bought the core game, and I was amazed by the number of DLC , and I thought you could buy some new decks with DLC. After a closer look, it's quite the contrary. The decks are all part of the core game, but you buy the locked cards of the deck. 

- More patheticness : there's a second type of DLC for each decks, it's called 'Premium Foil conversion'. The foil conversion consists of adding a graphical multicolored, shiny effect on the cards of the deck (linky : http://www.starcitygames.com/images/article/04212005bleiweiss1.jpg). Which means you pay one buck to get a texture. It's like buying clothing in SF4 ! Good idea Stainless games !

A friend of mine bought the entire collection on Steam. I have now to explain him how deep he has been ripped off.