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Kaio_felipe said: Well, guys, it seems that bunkum was right and most of you didn't believe in him. Heh. I just have a doubt - why the charts of VG Charts and NexGen Wars have a 1,4 million difference about the Xbox 360 numbers (9,28 in one, 10,62 in the other)? Is it about criteria? Even this site Seattle PI said that X360 sold more than 10kk. I'm confused...
Sure is about the criteria. Microsoft announced 10.4 million units sold to retail by 31 Dec. NPD tries to count units sold to consumers, and so does vgcharts. There are probably still a lot of 360 on store shelves that couldn't be sold in December. This view is founded by Microsoft's announcement in early January that they had to reduce forecasts for Jan-Jun 07 sales by 2 million units or 44%. They are now aiming to sell 12 million units by June 2007 (to retail, not to consumers), down from their last forecast of 13 to 15 million.

Hardcore gaming is a bubble economy blown up by Microsoft's $7 $6 billion losses.