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SHMUPGurus said:

Oh, I see. I just noticed the  "where the hell is the hype for this" part of your post.

Well I guess it's typical Nintendo. A Mario platformer game doesn't need any introduction, you press one button to jump and that's about all you need to know. For their other games, well they like to keep secrets (Twilight Princess comes to mind. What, they only had that E3 trailer!). Reminds me of FFXIII. Squeenix only showed that same part over and over in all the trailers until a week before the Japanese launch trailer...

In a way, I like it better when I'm not spoiled much. Especially with how easy it is to communicate and share things on the Internet nowadays...

The problem is that just like u said,a Mario platformer needs no introduction but this new Metroid needs it bcuz theres alot people that might be interested about it if they knew more about it.

Look at what Sony did with God of War 3 and Uncharted 2,they hyped those games like crazy and it was good cuz about everybody with ps3 knows about those games,fans or not.But with Metroid,theres only us and I know this game got already some non-fans interested but they wont buy it if they dont hear more about it.

Nintendo got all this money but is like they scared to bring games that have little casual appeal.I bet DK country is gonna get more hype than that from them and Kirby too.

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I just realise thats probably the reason they havent made a new Starfox or a new F-Zero,they probably think Kirby and DK can appeal more to the casual than havin a Starfox wii that could still sell at least 2 million easy.

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