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Do You Think Halo Reach Can Beat GT5 Sales Wise WW Lifetime?


GT1 10.8M

GT2 9.3

GT3 14.9


GTP 3.7 by VGC


Halo 6.4

Halo2 8.4

Halo3 11.1

Halo ODST 5.2


Reach releases 9/1410 World wide

GT5 releases 11/2/10 NA JP EU unknown


Me and my very best best friend were having a argument on which will sell more he insist it will be Reach.  I initially thought GT5 would outsell it by end of 2010 i had thought it would release in JP around June as thats what the rumors where from last year but adding 3D Move have pushed it back.  I believe GT5 will eventually outsell Reach WW Lifetime simply because its the 1st GT game for this gen and GT is the mother of all racers adding 3D and Move aint hurting it either. I think Reach will be hurt b/c its just a FPS and the franchise is losing something especially now with all these other great FPS out like KZ, COD, Crysis, Rage, and on and on have come.


Post what you think and why

Its not the mother of all racers......unless we are excluding mario kart

how can i say this w/o getting in trouble mother all racers review, gameplay, amount of cars tracks, realism, amount of different car series, and meta score wise

MK is mother of all sales but if we count the whole series combined on the consoles we'll find out that gt is the mother again

MK wins in reviews when compared to GT (MK averages an 87 as a franchise while GT averages 75 on meta so I have no idea what you are talking about).....gameplay is subjective but going by the reviews MK wins ......MK wasnt set out as a realistic game so I also have no idea why you added that criteria.

MK sales as a franchise combined  eclipses the GT series (71 mil compared to 53 mil)......do you even check what you are talking about?

N64 is the ONLY console of the fifth generation!!!