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@Impulsivity: You know, pretty much every tech device is seriously obsolete when they retire. Gameboy had retired earlier if people had stopped buying it. Put the blame on the people buying it, not the one who answers the demand.
It had the Color revision, though at this point hardware closer what was seen in GBA could have been possible.

Now, it's interesting you mentioned tech becoming good enough being the reason why would the games in phones replace handheld games, when at the same time you point out that the handheld hardware has been low in performance - so low, that the whole time the mobile phone gaming have existed, phones have had the equal performance. And the games have been cheaper too.
The 3DS should be coming out and we don't know what kind of performance will it have. I don't expect it to be high, since portability is more important feature, but this should be more comparable to todays mobile hardware than the DS that already is years old.

Wii doesn't have a harddrive, decades old magnetig drum tech, because it has state-of-the-art NAND flash memory inside. And why would Wii have any other medium than DVD? All its games so far have fit on one DVD.

Look, you can't be whining about a consoles low performance at the same time you whine about another console that had high performance. N64 had likely been different, if Nintendo hadn't misjudged the developers interest in FMV:s. It was designed so that the whole game would be ran with the engine, which is why it supported compression that could fit 1CD full of game data to a cartridge, when the competition could process raw data. With that in mind, there was no reason to have any more space.

I don't see the reasons to buy a Wii to change anywhere with Move, because people are buying the console for the games it has. And there haven't yet been any competing titles shown, atleast that i know of.

Without competition, any company will take the same route Nintendo took with Gameboy, so i'm not quite sure what's the point in it.

Anyway, with the mobile phone platforms, despite them getting continously more powerful, the devs are still forced to make the games for the lowest common nominator to ensure compatibility. That means the games are designed for hardware that is years old anyway. This is one of the reasons why devs have been jumping ship from PC to consoles for a long time.

Why would you wish Nintendo to start making games for phones? When they design their hardware for the software, they are able to provide much better consumer experience.

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