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wow so many haters here!!. well you know what they say. when someone reach an amazing success the envy comes. lady gaga have this incredible success because of something simple. her music is amazing. and therefore a lot of people wants to hear it. lady gaga does things that has been done before????. oh please. the one who said that havent seen all the videos of her. i mean really????. something like bad romance or telephone have been done before???. mmm...


If it was envy that made people dislike her then don't you think they'd dislike all successful musicians? I always find it hard to fathom how people can't understand that some people simply don't like her music.

What I find pathetic is how people generally develope an expectation just because X artist is popular, out of the blue 90% of the posters here around a year ago said "She can't sing, She's manufactured, She doesn't write music" because she is a pop artist..

You don't realize it because you don't follow pop music as hard as I do.. Before lady gaga, you were right to categorize all pop musicans as manufactured/not being able to sing/not writing there music. She has made the entire pop industry work 10 times harder than they used to. They have all stepped up there game to keep up with this women. You have majore fucking bands and artists like DAUGHTRY, PARAMOORE, 30 SECOUNDS TO MARS, GREEN DAY, and more pay tribute to this women, it's not that I like her, it's the fact she has clearly had impact on music. I'm not even joking here, you guys may not even notice it because you guys don't care, but I honestly have noticed, before her DANCE/TECHNO/POP music did not exist on mainstream radio, all of a sudden christina aguilera changes her entire fucking look and sound, a year after lady gaga's "take over" year. Usher is doing techno, T Pain is doing techno, DR DRE is doing techno, AKON himself has said she has flipped a switch and changed things.

If oyu listen to mainstream music, you can't deny her appearence has caused a huge shift.. and there is a reason, she has fucking talent.

Well, Id argue Greenday is a totaly different type of music, and I dont see why you would compare it, greenday, even being mainstream and not great talents, has fans following them for more than 10 years, so I guess it will depend if lady gaga can stay in the game for more than a decade.

The rest of the big bands you listed arent even that big. A big band is Iron Maiden, U2, etc... and those are very mainstream.

Im not saying she isnt talented, but Britney had a huge impact on girl pop music and noone that knew something about music considered her to be talented. The ones you mentioned going techno just because its popular are a bunch of loosers who seek audience more than musical evolution, so I hope that if she is that good, she will have impact on more things that these "artists".

Im not saying she is bad, but I think its blowing it out of proportions knowing the rest of the top 10 youtube most watched suck.